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Chamber-Orchestra Recordings by Russian pianist,

 composer A.Sheludyakov.

12 Variations On a Theme from the Magic Flute, Op. 66

Josh Bynum · Anatoly Sheludyakov

Jeffrey Kaufman. "Court and Jester" for Piano and Winds

Cadenzia written by A. Sheludyakov

UGA Wind Symphony.
Jaclyn Hartenberger, conductor

Jeffrey Kaufman. "Court and Jester" for Piano and Winds.
(Д. Кауфман. Концертштюк для фортепиано и духовых.)
16:30 min

Igor Stravinsky. Concerto for Piano and Wind Instruments.


Performer: Anatoly Sheludyakov, piano ang University of Georgia Wind Ensemble John P. Lynch, conductor


Music of Stravinsky and Bartok

Igor Stravinsky. Suite Italienne,for violin and piano.

(after Pulcinella,transcribed with Samuel Dushkin)

01. Introduction
02. Serenade
03. Tarantella
04. Gavotte
05. Minuet
06. Finale

Igor Stravinsky. Duo Concertante, for violin and piano

07. Cantilena
08. Eglogue I
09. Eglogue II
10. Gigue
11. Dithyramb Divertimento
transcription for violin and piano by Stravinsky - Samuel Dushkin (after The Fairy's Kiss)
12. Ouverture
13. Danses Suisses
14. Scherzo
15. Pas De Deux

Bela Bartok. Rhapsody for violin and piano No.1, Op.86, BB94a

16. Folk Dances: Prima Parte (Lassu)17. Folk Dances: Seconda Parte (Friss)
Rhapsody for violin and piano No.2, Op.89, BB96a
18. Folk Dances: I (Lassu)
19. Folk Dances: II (Friss)

Performer: Anatoly Sheludyakov, piano ang Levon Ambartsumian, violin


Composer: John Cheetham, V.Persichetti, David Gillingham, Walter Hartley, James Woodward

John Cheetham Sonata for Tuba and Piano(2000)


David Gillingham Diversive Elements for Euphonium,Tuba and Piano(1996)

11.Jazz Walk

Walter S.Hartley Sonata No.1 for Tuba and Piano(1967)

15.Andante - Allegro Agitato
16.Allegretto Grazioso
17.Adagio Sostenuto
18.Allegro Moderato, Con Anima

Performer: David Zerkel, Anatoly Sheludyakov, piano. Orchestra: University of Georgia Wind Ensemble Conductor: John Culvahouse

Mieczslaw Vainberg`s Children Notebooks

Children's Notebook No.1:

01. Larghetto
02. Allegro
03. IModerato maestoaso
04. Tempo de valse
05. Allegretto
06. Presto
07. Andante tranquillo
08. Larghetto

Children's Notebook No.2:

09. Largo
10. Allegro
11. Moderato maestoso
12. Lento
13. Allegro
14. Andantino
15. Marziale lugubre
16. Andante

Children's Notebook No.3:

17. Allegro marcato
18. Allegro commodo
19. Moderato
20. Prestissimo
21. Allegretto quasi andantino
22. Lento funebre. Allegro Appassionato
23. Andantino semplice

Trio for Vioin, Cello and Piano, op.24

24. I. Prelude and Aria. Larghetto
25. II. Toccata. Allegro
26. III. Poem. Moderato
27. IV. finale. Allegro moderato

Performer: Tatiana Zavarskaya, Anatoly Sheludyakov, Irina Tkachenko

Tso Chenguan`s Chamber Works

01. Three pieces for Piano
02. Three pieces for Piano
03. Three pieces for Piano

performer Anatoly Sheludyakov, piano

Prokofiev, Schnittke, Khachaturian, Eshpai

Prokofiev Sergey. Sonata for violin & piano No. 2 in D major, Op. 94 bis
Alfred Schnittke. Sonata for violin & piano No.2 ("Quasi una sonata")
Khachaturian Karen. Sonata for violin & piano in G Minor, Op 1
Eshpay Andrey. Work(s) Violin sonata

Performer: Anatoly Sheludyakov, Levon Ambartsumian


Piotr Biely`s. Romances, Elegies, etc.

Eight Poems of Konstantin Fofanov (1862-1911)

01. From the Old Album
02. The Autumn Mood
03. Ice Curtains
04. Here Comes a Blushful Spring
05. It Was Once, Long Ago
06. The Lily
07. Yhe capitol Was Delirious in a Fume of Its Melancholy
08. By the Stove

Four Poems of Konstantin Batyushkov (1787-1855)

09. The Maple to the Passer-by
10. Life Is Exhausted in My Chill Breast
11. Let’s hide It Forever from People’s Envy
12. With the Courage on the Face

Two Poems of Yakov Polonsky (1819-1898)

13. The Ship Had Salled Towarda the Dark Night
14. The White Night

Five Poems Of Ivan Bunin (1870-1953)

15. Clouda
16. The Forest Road (fragment)
17. Desolation (fragment)
18. In the Circus
19. The Top light

Performer: V,Sharonova, soprano. Anatoly Sheludyakov, piano.


Tikhon KHRENNIKOV (b.1913). The Chamber Music

01.String Quartet No.1 Op.33 (1988) [8:18]
02. Cello Sonata Op.34 (1989) [13:23]
03. Three Pieces for violin and piano Op26 (1983) [8:16]
04. Concerto No.4 for piano and string orchestra and percussion Op.37 (1991) [10:16]
05. Three Poems on Nekrasov’s Rhymes (1971) [5:59]
06. Three Poems on Nekrasov’s Rhymes Op.36 (1990) [4:58]
07. Songs from Theatrical Performances;
08. Ballade from Quixote [2:24]
09.Bring flowers for the sweethearts from dorothea [3:02]
10. A Gypsy Song from Dorothea [5:33]
11. Like a Nightingale of Rose from Much Ado About Nothing [2:10]
12. The Night is Slightly Swaying Leaves from Much Ado About Nothing [4:10]
13. A Drunk Song from Much Ado About Nothing [6:50]
Performer: Prokofiev String Quartet - String Quartet No.1 Kirill Rodin (cello) and Anatoly Sheludyakov (piano) - Cello Sonata Igor Oistrakh (violin) and Natalia Zertsalova (piano) - Three Pieces for violin and piano Anatoly Sheludyakov (piano)/Arko Chamber Orchestra/Levon Ambartsumian - Concerto No.4 for piano and string orchestra Tchaikovsky Chamber Choir of the Moscow Conservatoire/Boris Tevlin - Three Poems on Nekrasov’s Rhymes Eugenia Segeniuk (contralto) and Alla Osipenko (piano) – Ballade, Bring flowers and A Gypsy Song Leonid Boldin (bass) and Ekaterina Ganelina (piano) - Like a Nightingale, The Night and A Drunk Song


Bartok, Strauss -violin and piano sonatas

Richard Strauss. Sonata for Violin and Piano in E flat major, Op. 18

Bela Bartok. Sonata for Violin and Piano in E minor

Vyacheslav Artyomov`s Ave

Vyacheslav Artiomov "Scenes"

Performer: Nikolai Gorbunov ,double bass, Igor Abramov ,clarinet, Anatoly Sheludyakov, piano. Valery Polivanov, percussion, Alexander Suvorov, percussion, Mikhail Tsinman, violin Conductor: Murad Annamamedov Period: 20th Century Written: 1971; USSR

Vyacheslav Artiomov "Star Wind"

Performer: Alexander Rudin, cello, Mikhail Tsinman, violin, Alexander Suvorov, glockenspiel, Anatoly Sheludyakov, piano, Andrei Kuznetsov, french horn Conductor: Murad Annamamedov Period: 20th Century Written: 1981; USSR

Music of Dmitry Kabalevsky. Vol.10

Pathétique Overture for orchestra, Op.64; Piano Concerto No.1 in A minor, Op.9; Spring (Vesna), symphonic poem, Op.65; Rhapsody for piano and orchestra (on a theme from the song "School Years"), Op.75; The Comedians, suite for small orchestra, Op.26;

01. Moderato Quasi Andantino
02. Moderato
03. Vivace Marcato
04. Prologue (Allegro Vivace)
05. Gallop (Presto Assai)
06. March (Moderato)
07. Waltz (Moderato)
08. Pantomimi (Sostenuto E Pesante)
09. Intermezzo (Allegro Scherzando)
10. Little Lyrical Scene (Andante Semplice)
11. Gavotte (Allegretto)
12. Scherzo (Presto Assai E Molto Leggiero)
13. Epilogue (Allegro Molto E Con Brio)

Performer: Anatoly Sheludyakov; Orchestra: Russian Cinematography Orchestra Conductor: Walter Mnatsakanov

Sonatas of Dmitry Shostakovich

Sonata for violin and piano, Op.134

01. Andante
02. Allegretto
03. Largo

Sonata for viola and piano in C major, Op.147

04. Moderato
05. Allegretto
06. Adagio

Performer: Anatoly Sheludyakov, piano and Levon Ambartsumian, violin/viola


Compositions of Tyzen Hsiao

(in process of placement)

1947 Overture; Piano Concerto in C minor, Op.53; Symphony "Formosa", Op49; Cello Concerto in C major, Op52; The Angel from Formosa, for orchestra; Violin Concerto in D major, Op50;

CD 1

01. Allegro Moderato
02. Adagio / Andante
03. Allegro con fuoco
04. Lento
05. Largo
06. Allegro
CD 2 01. Andante recitativo / Allegro moderato
02. Allegro con spirito
03. Allegro moderato
04. Adagio dolente
05. Rondo: Allegro vivace

Orchestra: Russian Federal Orchestra. Conductor: Vakhtang Jordania. Performer: Kyril Rodin, Anatoly Sheludyakov, Alexander Trostiansky

Roger C. Vogel - Love Letters

(in process of placement)

1.Love Letters: Your Letter Moved Me
2.Love Letters: I Lie Awake
3.Love Letters: Dear Miss West Forty-Seventh Street
5.Love Letters: The French Ladies
6.Love Letters: My Darling, Dear, Delightful Ringo
7.Love Letters: Have You Heard That I Love You?
8.Love Letters: Alas! I Have Suffered Your Scorn
9.Love Letters: Everything Measurable Passes
10.Love Letters: Interlude
11.Love Letters: Adieu, I Seal My Letter
12.The Distances They Keep
13.In Darkness


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Chamber-Orchestra Recordings by Russian pianist, composer